Wednesday, 11 June 2014

I Made This!

Hi everyone! I think this might be the longest break between blog posts yet, but I have a rather good excuse. In case you aren't following me on Twitter (where I've been pretty quiet too, sorry!), I have been busy growing a miniature human!

For several months I suffered with pretty awful morning sickness, to the point where I couldn't lean over to draw, and focusing on a computer screen for even 20 minutes made me sick! A slight inconvenience when it comes to my line of work...

Unfortunately I had to cut my daily drawing project short due to this, but there are still a few little unposted characters remaining in my sketchbook which I will share over the coming weeks - it'd be a shame for them to get forgotten entirely!

Our little girl arrived safely earlier this year, perfect, smiley and inquisitive. I'm taking some time out to relax (is that even possible any more!?) and enjoy her, but still brewing ideas and stories behind the scenes. I've queued up some blog posts to appear while I'm on maternity leave, and if you have any enquiries then do drop me an email or tweet & I'll try to respond when I get a chance.

I'm still enjoying reading all your blogs to keep up with everything, and getting on Twitter when I can, so try not to forget about me completely! And if you have any freelancing/illustrating mama advice for me then please do feel free to share it!