Monday, 13 May 2013

A Dwarf A Day: Week Sixteen

#105/365: Longing Dwarf.

#106/365: Cackling Dwarf.

#107/365: Bilious Dwarf.

#108/365: Beardy Dwarf.

#109/365: Snoozy Dwarf.

#110/365: Ungrateful Dwarf.

#111/365: Spring Lolly Dwarf.


  1. Hahaha Ungrateful Dwarf made me smile! My favourite has to be Spring Lolly Dwarf though. Love his beard and his little tongue sticking out :)

  2. Thank you Dawn! Glad it brought a smile to you :)
    I think Spring Lolly Dwarf has to be one of my favourites so far too. He seems to look more like he's painted with watercolours than the rest which is interesting... I wonder how I did that! ;) Must try again next time!