Wednesday, 17 April 2013

A Dwarf A Day: Weeks Twelve to Fourteen

Hello! I've been away for a little while on a trip to Northern Italy (more to come on that in another post soon!) so you might have noticed my daily drawing posts not cropping up on your Blogger dashboard/feed reader for a few weeks. Speaking of feed readers, I've recovered from the momentarily horrifying news that Google Reader is soon to be no more, and have jumped ship over to Feedly. It seems pretty great to use so far (Customisable colour schemes? Various category and view options coming out of your ears? mmmm.) and I'm enjoying being able to quickly flick through everything easily on my phone in spare moments... I've even caught up on the thousands of posts missed while we were away in Italy! Do you have any other feed reader suggestions? I've heard quite a lot about BlogLovin', but haven't tried it out yet as Feedly seemed to meet all my needs straight away.

Anyway! Despite the lack of blog posts, I kept up my daily scribbles while away from the studio and have finally got on top of everything enough to upload them all. Apologies for the lack of colour, but it's just too big a task to catch up on in amongst my other work so the backlog is largely coming rough and ready, straight from the sketchbook in black and white until I'm back up to date! Hopefully it'll be nice to have some uncoloured, scrappier sketches for a while (don't judge me too harshly... it's hard to draw daily when you're so full of pasta and delicious cheeses). Sketches are mostly inspired by: Venice, a harpsichord museum, tasty gelato/coffee, some excitingly warm weather, lots of Romeo & Juliet themed goodness in Verona, and too much mascarpone and strawberries. Here we go!

Week Twelve (behind a cut, as it's rather image heavy!) 

#77/365: Lunch Break Dwarf.

#78/365: Gelato Dwarf.

#79/365: Italian Spring Heatwave Dwarf.

#80/365: Harpsichord Dwarf.

#81/365: Nature Dwarf.

#82/365: Espresso Dwarf No.1.

#83/365: Gondolier Dwarf.

Week Thirteen

#84/365: Espresso Dwarf No.2.

#85/365: Giulietta Dwarf.

#86/365: Market Dwarf.

#87/365: Skeleton Dwarf.

#88/365: Espresso Dwarf No.3.

#89/365: Leaning Dwarf.

#90/365: Indulgent Dwarf.

Week Fourteen

#91/365: Espresso Dwarf No.4.

#92/365: Centurion Dwarf.

#93/365: Tavern Dwarf.

#94/365: Presbyopic Dwarf.

#95/365: Stood Up Dwarf.

#96/365: Hunter Dwarf.

#97/365: Roly-poly Dwarf.


  1. Oh I can't wait to hear about Italy, but I'm glad your dwarves are back :) I love the expression on Espresso Dwarf no. 3, and Stood-up Dwarf, poor guy!

  2. Thanks, Dawn! It's so hard to catch up after a break away but it's quite nice to have a little trip-themed collection like this, I think :) Hehe, Espresso Dwarf no.3 is my favourite I think, couldn't resist colouring him up!