Monday, 14 January 2013

A Dwarf A Day: Week Two

Week two. I think there's going to be some classics and some duds each week (pooping dwarf is my favourite this week for some reason... he's strangely cute).  I'm already seeing an improvement, at least in speed of completion and ease in which the character's expression comes to mind/pencil. Interesting!

#7/365: Peeping Dwarf.

#8/365: Pooping Dwarf.

#9/365: Baby Dwarf.

#10/365: Thinking Dwarf.

#11/365: Musophobic Dwarf.

#12/365: Bindlestiff Dwarf.

#13/365: Lost Dwarf. (This won't make sense unless you happen to know who Hurley/Hugo Reyes is. Can you tell we were watching 'Lost' yesterday?)


  1. Hahha, I love Lost Dwarf, he is definitely my favourite this week :) I do love Peeping Dwarf too though, he looks like he is up to 'no-good' :) Pooping Dwarf looks a little like a mini pooping Santa :) Can't want to see more :)

  2. Thanks very much Dawn! He does indeed look like Santa haha, maybe that's why he looks so plump and friendly :D