Wednesday, 9 January 2013

A Dwarf a Day: Week One

As I mentioned in my 2012 overview post last week, this year I have set myself a daily drawing challenge: 'A Dwarf a Day' to keep me drawing daily, having fun, and working on my character design skills. I'm pleased (and admittedly slightly surprised!) to say that I managed to keep up with it every day of the first week of 2013, although I am behind schedule in posting them - whoops! I'm not quite sure why it's called 'A Dwarf a Day' as, 9 days in, there already seems to be a strange mix of dwarves, elves, weird creatures and just some generally worrying behaviour. 

Here's the first set from last week:

#1/365: Bedwetting Dwarf.

#2/365: Hydromaniac Dwarf.

#3/365: Funambulist Dwarf.

#4/365: Night-Watchman Dwarf.

#5/365: Long-suffering Dwarf.

#6/365: Sprouting Dwarf.

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