Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Studio Update

Hello! I know how everyone loves a good snoop around other people's houses and studios (myself included!) so I thought it was time to update you on how my studio is looking lately. If you were following my blog last year you might have seen my post on our renovation of the room and what it looked like when we first moved in. It's essentially the same layout, with a lot of extra gathered bits and pieces, more [badly hung] art on the walls, and a huge, furry, disgusting (but I love it anyway) green rug. There's also a bit of festive tinsel hanging around if you look hard enough! I've recently had an absolutely huge clear out of all the accumulated rubbish and tidied things up a bit so it is now fit for your viewing pleasure. Although how long it will stay tidy for bears to be seen... I've written up a working timetable for next year and actually scheduled studio tidying in an effort to keep things looking nice. There's something great about working in a messy and paint-filled 'artistic' studio, but equally I find it quite hard to work in an environment where the desk space is too cluttered. 

 If that's whet your appetite for workspace browsing, then I've also pinned a load of organisational goodness over on my Pinterest studio board with some dream studio inspiration for our next house! Illustrators/artists/designers/crafters etc... what would your dream studio/workspace be like, and where do you work at the moment?


  1. Ooh I have studio envy! :) It looks very swish! I think I envy your drawing desk the most, what my achey shoulders and neck wouldn't give...! Is that a dyson fan?! :) I think I like that green rug too. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Thanks Dawn, there's so many more things I'd like to do with it but I enjoy working in it at the moment :) The drawing desk is great, it's an Ikea top with some trestle legs so unfortunately it's got a pretty big footprint but you could get a smaller table top too with the same legs (they often come up on ebay too!). It's so hard to find a comfortable position to draw in, isn't it! I often get achey shoulders and back - terrible posture. Yes it is, it was a gift, it's a heater too so heats the room really well as it's the coldest place in the house! Thanks for the comment and have a great Christmas :)

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