Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Personalised Dinosaurs

The second incarnation of my personalised dinosaur illustrations have been around for quite a while now, so I must update you on their progress in case you haven't met the new faces yet!

I've redesigned the old pink dinosaur so that it's more in keeping with my style, and added three new faces to the collection (gaggle? herd?) as well, so that there's extra choice when picking out a dinosaur to match your favourite little person's personality. 

While I've been away I've also been testing out different ways of printing the dinos onto fabric and been doing lots of wash tests, so have re-launched my personalised babygrows/bodysuits as well as the greetings cards and prints. In the new year I really want to push this further, so there are various other new dinosaur-themed baby and children's gift products in the works at the moment, and I'm hoping to potentially launch it as a whole off-shoot brand of its own... possibly with a Kickstarter crowd-funding element if I get the time. Here are the new dinosaurs! 

It's very easy to create your own dinosaur... just pick a design, choose a colour from the chart, and then play around with any of the dino names to pick a great combination (the checkout process will guide you through the personalisation, but do feel free to tweet me if you get stuck!). So far I've had some great ones, including: Penelopod, Jensonasaurus, Harrisonosaurus, Kaashadactyl and Tomatops!

If you'd like to order a dinosaur item, you can do so over at the Children's section of my shop, or on Etsy if you'd prefer to shop there.

Who is your favourite? I'm rather fond of the 'asaurus' myself, but I think they're all pretty cute. Do leave me a comment or tweet me to let me know, and I'd love to hear any of your requests for personalisable items that you'd like to see in the shop next year!

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