Thursday, 20 December 2012

Christmas Honkings

Just a quick one today to wish you all a very merry Christmas break! Here are some festive geese having a trudge through the snow (presumably to a relative's house for lunch on Boxing Day...). If you've created any of your own Christmas illustrations or craft projects this year, do leave a comment below or tweet me - I'd love to see them! Incidentally, Blogger has just informed me that this is my 100th post - what a milestone! I'll try to be more regular with my blogging next year, and hopefully reach 150 posts by the end of it :)

Hope you all have a great one, and see you in 2013!

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Studio Update

Hello! I know how everyone loves a good snoop around other people's houses and studios (myself included!) so I thought it was time to update you on how my studio is looking lately. If you were following my blog last year you might have seen my post on our renovation of the room and what it looked like when we first moved in. It's essentially the same layout, with a lot of extra gathered bits and pieces, more [badly hung] art on the walls, and a huge, furry, disgusting (but I love it anyway) green rug. There's also a bit of festive tinsel hanging around if you look hard enough! I've recently had an absolutely huge clear out of all the accumulated rubbish and tidied things up a bit so it is now fit for your viewing pleasure. Although how long it will stay tidy for bears to be seen... I've written up a working timetable for next year and actually scheduled studio tidying in an effort to keep things looking nice. There's something great about working in a messy and paint-filled 'artistic' studio, but equally I find it quite hard to work in an environment where the desk space is too cluttered. 

 If that's whet your appetite for workspace browsing, then I've also pinned a load of organisational goodness over on my Pinterest studio board with some dream studio inspiration for our next house! Illustrators/artists/designers/crafters etc... what would your dream studio/workspace be like, and where do you work at the moment?

Friday, 14 December 2012

Illustration catch-up

Morning everyone! You'll be pleased to hear I'm nearly up to date with my news! 

Here are some of my newer illustrations that you may or may not have seen yet. I feel like my style is refining itself lately... I'm experimenting with different ways of working, trying to 'paint' more naturally while working digitally, and generally focusing on working in a way that I really want to, rather than trying to second-guess what potential clients will want from me. I'm always hearing this from other artists... that it's important to do work that you enjoy, to create work that you want to be hired to do, to draw and paint in a way that makes you happy, so that in those ways your work will grow more and other people will be able to see your enjoyment shine through. I think that it is working, as I feel like I'm really developing a specific style and quality that is coming out in all of my recent finished illustrations. What do you think of my new working direction? I don't know how discernible the change is to others, whether my new work looks different to my older illustrations to an outsiders eyes or not, so I'd love to hear your feedback. And do let me know if you have any other thoughts or tips relating to style etc and how you like to work!

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Personalised Dinosaurs

The second incarnation of my personalised dinosaur illustrations have been around for quite a while now, so I must update you on their progress in case you haven't met the new faces yet!

I've redesigned the old pink dinosaur so that it's more in keeping with my style, and added three new faces to the collection (gaggle? herd?) as well, so that there's extra choice when picking out a dinosaur to match your favourite little person's personality. 

While I've been away I've also been testing out different ways of printing the dinos onto fabric and been doing lots of wash tests, so have re-launched my personalised babygrows/bodysuits as well as the greetings cards and prints. In the new year I really want to push this further, so there are various other new dinosaur-themed baby and children's gift products in the works at the moment, and I'm hoping to potentially launch it as a whole off-shoot brand of its own... possibly with a Kickstarter crowd-funding element if I get the time. Here are the new dinosaurs! 

It's very easy to create your own dinosaur... just pick a design, choose a colour from the chart, and then play around with any of the dino names to pick a great combination (the checkout process will guide you through the personalisation, but do feel free to tweet me if you get stuck!). So far I've had some great ones, including: Penelopod, Jensonasaurus, Harrisonosaurus, Kaashadactyl and Tomatops!

If you'd like to order a dinosaur item, you can do so over at the Children's section of my shop, or on Etsy if you'd prefer to shop there.

Who is your favourite? I'm rather fond of the 'asaurus' myself, but I think they're all pretty cute. Do leave me a comment or tweet me to let me know, and I'd love to hear any of your requests for personalisable items that you'd like to see in the shop next year!

Monday, 3 December 2012



It's been quite a while since I last blogged, so from now until Christmas I'll be trying to catch up on some recent work and news until I'm up to date and ready for the new year.

While I'm on the topic of Christmas, I must mention that if you're thinking of ordering something from my shop or Etsy in time for Christmas you must do so by the following dates:

UK: Friday 14th December.

Europe, USA + Canada: Friday 7th December.
Rest of the world: Wednesday 5th December. 

Not long to go, so get your orders in now in plenty of time! :) You can of course order later than the above dates, but I can't guarantee that your goodies will arrive in time for Christmas.


I’ve seen a couple of blog posts lately by artists like Johanna Basford about the importance of taking breaks away from working, as you can often burn the candle at both ends when you work for yourself and not realise until it’s too late. This has certainly been true of my husband, who also runs his own business and has been working amazingly hard lately, so I thought I would throw caution to the wind for once and whisk him off on a break for his birthday. We went to Copenhagen which was beautiful, friendly and colourful (but mighty chilly!). We walked all over the city until our feet hurt, gorged ourselves on Danish pastries, saw the sights, took a day trip to Sweden, and got some much-needed relaxing [and in my case, the odd spot of drawing] done. 

I thought I’d share some of the prettiest/weirdest highlights from my photos with you in case they can give you some inspiration and a distraction from this murky weather, as well as a couple of my sketches of some colourful Danish characters.

If you've been following my food-filled life on Instagram you might have seen a few of those already, sorry!