Tuesday, 11 September 2012

The Great Outdoors

I've spoken a few times about a lengthy private commission I was working on, and now I can finally share some of the illustrations with you. The project was from a bride who wanted me to illustrate a children's story that her husband-to-be had written, so that she could present him with an illustrated finished book as a wedding gift. (So sweet!) The story involves a board game of friendly shapes that explore the great outdoors on a mission to find a lost friend.

Here's some of the character design and [rather scrappy] roughs from the beginning of the project:

And a few of the final spreads:

I really enjoyed experimenting with my use of colour in the book... I used some different colouring methods to usual, and I think the changing hues help establish the movement of time through the narrative and provide a good unobtrusive background for the vivid shape characters' colours.