Monday, 28 May 2012

Nest Children's Colouring Pages

Over the last couple of months, in between other commissions, I have been working on a couple of colouring pages for Nest, a non-profit which aims to support artisan women across the world in cultivating successful businesses. If you'd like to find out more about what they do, aside from my insufficient 'in a nutshell' description, have a click here to read more.

Nest gave me the choice of which area/craft I wanted to create illustrations for, so I chose India (Block Printing) and Kenya (Maasai Beading) purely because I love to draw swirly patterns and details, and I thought they would make really interesting colouring pages. I wanted the pages to be appropriate for a relatively wide children's age range, so I tried to include larger areas within the sheets as well as small details to colour. I'm tempted to colour one of these up myself (as I did with the imaginary sports illustration) so keep an eye out for that soon, along with some downloadable colouring pages and some freebies for children that I'm working on at the moment!

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