Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Imaginary Sports

Recently I entered the Doodlers Anonymous competition to have a colouring book page illustration featured in Anorak Magazine. There were 126 submissions and unfortunately I wasn't chosen as one of the final 12 winners, but I thought you might like to see the entry anyway! I've been experimenting with adjusting my style slightly to make it a bit more child-friendly, and working on a lot of character design. The theme for the competition was 'Favourite Sports' (which could be real or imaginary) so after lots of peculiar ideas and sketches, I settled on my personal top favourite imaginary sport: skydive crochet! (or maybe it isn't imaginary... any skydiving crochet-ers out there?)

As I was pleased with the line drawing I decided to colour it up, again to push my style a bit further and try some new techniques. I feel like there's something not quite right with it yet, and have been tweaking various things every couple of days, but can't work out what's wrong (or if I just don't know when to leave it as it is!)

What do you think? Anything you think I could tweak to improve the final coloured version? All commenters will receive a free imaginary ball of wool for your imaginary crochet projects...


  1. I want this drawing in a bedtime story by the time I have children!! :-) Adorable. I love the colors in the sky. Gives a feeling of depth. Also, it lets me break away from my realistic expectation of what it would be like to be in the sky and parachute...into what I want to believe parachuting would be like. Know what I mean?

  2. Thanks very much Bethany! Absolutely, I'm glad you feel that way about it... I'm trying to embrace my imagination even more in my illustration work & I think this one is really getting there :)

  3. I like to see the process ... as you passed the pen to color ... Great Art Work...

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