Friday, 20 January 2012

Think Act Vote ?!X

Before I start talking about my new illustration, thank you all for the great response to my last post about making money while freelancin - I got a lot of great feedback and comments! I'm currently trying to think of more future topics that might be along the same useful/explanatory lines. Is there anything that you would specifically like to see me post about?

Anyway, recently I took part in a project for Think Act Vote that I'm now allowed to share with you, where illustrators were asked to respond to quotes collected from various people about the future they would like to see. 

I can't explain the concept better than the team themselves, so here's a little snippet of information from their website"Think Act Vote (?!X) is a radical think tank that explores the new and creative ways we can and are shaping our future lives and communities.

Run by a powerhouse of volunteers and a vibrant community of collaborators and supporters, Think Act Vote (?!X) have spent the past two years asking thousands of individuals to think deeply about, and to believe in a future that they choose. Throughout this journey we have met some truly incredible people and heard thousands of dreams and fears about the future. And so, to capture some of this we're making a book all about the future and it's open to everyone to contribute thoughts and to get involved."

If you like the sound of what Think Act Vote are doing, you can donate here to help get the Futures Project launched fully and see the collaborative book created :)

The quote I got to illustrate was from Indy Johar: "The future I choose is not the future we can buy, vote for, or are given, but is the future you and I will MAKE.

I had a few ideas that sprung to mind when I thought about the quote, but the thing that stuck with me most was the feeling of hope around new life. In terms of the illustration itself, I think I need to get some more variety of different ages and looks into my illustrations of people... I don't want them all to look the same, and I think that's an easy trap to fall into when you're working in a set style! What do you think, and how would you have interpreted the quote?

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