Saturday, 28 January 2012

Lovey dovey.


February will very soon be with us and by a marvellous stroke of luck I just so happen to have a brand new illustration ready for a certain impending romantic event around the middle of the month!

In the event that you are indeed starting to feel flutters of romance and the overwhelming urge to profess your love to your partner/friend/avian pet/other object of affection, then head on over to my Etsy shop to take a peek at my new 'Dove you' illustrated Valentines card.

 As a little treat, I'll also be adding some extra little freebies in the packages of my next three Etsy sales up to the 40 milestone.

Alternatively, if you're currently seething or miserable at the thought of Valentine's Day, there's also a range of non-romantic products featuring the illustration over at my Society6 shop - all the usuals: t-shirts, iphone/ipad/laptop cases and skins, and prints/canvases.

How will you guys be celebrating/ignoring the 14th?


  1. hope you get lots of sells of this designs as it looks very cute and romantic! i won't celebrate the 14th, maybe i'll just go and eat some cupcakes! .-9

  2. Thanks very much genie :) Cupcakes sound like a very tempting idea, I think I'll have to make some myself!