Thursday, 29 December 2011

A little 2011 Round-up...

Well, it's been a great year! I expect like me you're all settling down after a little bit of festive over-indulgence and thinking about 2011 and your goals for 2012. If you were following me all the way back in January you would have seen my round-up of 2010, which was actually a really good exercise to get some perspective on my work over the course of the year and to see what I had accomplished etc - so much so that I thought I'd do it all over again this year! I highly recommend it if you have a spare moment or two; summing up the year, whether in a list or a little collage like the one above, really helps to focus yourself for the new one.

Looking at my little collage calendar of illustrations from this year, I can definitely see that my style has tightened up a bit in comparison to the more experimental work I was doing during uni in 2010, but I think there's still a way for me to go in developing it and becoming more unique in my work. I definitely need to focus on drawing next year and really get into planning my time to get the most out of it. Looking back on last year's round-up post it's great to see that I've accomplished a lot of what I was hoping to - graduating, moving, exhibiting at New Designers, becoming a member of the AOI, actually starting up my business etc. Some lovely things have happened that I had only secretly hoped for (like being quite busy with commissions, and the Etsy shop starting to kick off), and also some flabbergastingly(!) great surprises (like being shortlisted for the Adobe Design Acheivement Awards, and seeing my work published on a few occasions).

I'm not sure what to hope for from 2012 (apart from becoming wildly successful overnight of course), but it would be great to see more improvement in my work, even more tightening and development of my personal style, and to stuff my portfolio with new things. Of course I hope for some lovely new commissions, and possibly start out on the hunt for an agent. I think I generally need to push myself a lot more and be as positive and proactive as I can be, and not be put off by negative things. One of the main things I have learnt this year about freelance life is that the phrases 'you win some, you lose some' or 'one door closes, another door opens' etc couldn't be more true, and it's very helpful to hold on to the sentiment! At times I've been miserable and disheartened with various rejections in the illustration world, but something tends to pop up just around the corner to make me feel proud and motivated again. So if you're a struggling freelancer, don't be disheartened! Pick yourself up and have another go.
So.... I think that sums up my [rather vague] work goals! In terms of personal plans, as some of you will know, I will of course be tying the big fat proverbial knot next year, so it looks like a busy 2012 all round!

It's been a tiring but fantastic year, made even better by all you who bother to read and comment on my blog, and chat to me on my Facebook page and Twitter (if you haven't said hi yet, please do!). Also a big thank you to all the clients I have worked with this year - it's been a pleasure, and I hope to see you again in the new year!

All the best for 2012 


  1. Its great to have a review and reflect of the year past. I love your illustrative style and i know 2012 is going to be bright for you.
    So true that one door closes another opens, being freelance i think you need to be strong in your resolve to succeed, either that or have a Mr Motivator dancing round in lycra round your studio each morning :P
    Hope you have a very Happy New Year, and best wishes for 2012

  2. Thanks so much Heidi! Haha a Mr Motivator for my studio would be fantastic, his positive attitude is contagious... although I hope the fashion sense isn't - I don't think 90s multi-pattern lycra would do me any favours!

  3. Hi Bryony, haven't commented before but I'm from the illustration year below you at Northbrook - so just finishing up. Have really enjoyed seeing your art develop, so great to see techniques being perfected and your style coming together.

    I'll have to take your word for it about the winning and losing some - I'm another one of those silly artists who always gets way waaaay too negative. At least having good advice helps!

    So I just wanted to say thanks for all the positivity on your blog, it helps put things in perspective for someone as melodramatic as myself. Keep up the awesome work and have a very happy new year!

  4. Hey Emilie :) thanks for the comment! Ahh well it's easy to give the advice, but it doesn't mean I always take it myself! It's hard to stay positive, but keeping on trying is the most important thing. Looking forward to seeing the exhibition this summer! Good luck with it all and the FMP - good timetabling of the whole project from the beginning is the key with it, I found! :)

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