Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Digital Artist Magazine - Illustrating for Children

A really fun commission I worked on recently was another tutorial and illustration for Digital Artist magazine about creating illustrations for children. If you want to read the full thing you'll have to pop out to the shops and have a look (issue 28!), but here's a peek at the illustration! If you look closely, I'm also on the front cover (no, the lithe glowing lady in the middle unfortunately isn't me, but my illustration is down in the left hand corner!)

While I'm here, there's also another illustration that I haven't showed you yet! It was a submission for the last issue of Ballad Of magazine that I did months ago and couldn't share until the entries were judged. Unfortunately it was rejected, but there's something about her legs and apron that I'm fond of so, tempting as it may be, I won't let it go unblogged! What do you reckon?

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