Monday, 7 November 2011

My Home Studio

It's been a month or two now since I shared some pictures of our new home and the renovations, and I've finally found a spare moment to share the pictures of my studio with you! I love having a good nose into other illustrator and artist's studios, so I hope this will be interesting. If you have any blog posts etc featuring your studio spaces, please do share them with me in the comments section below, I'd love to see!

When we first moved in the room was purple and white, with some scratchy beige carpet, lumpy artex ceiling and a fitted wardrobe in one corner. We ripped the fitted wardrobe out to discover a patch of even older carpet and a couple of decades worth of different paint colours. My fiance smoothed over the ceilings, and we painted everything magnolia as a nice base.

We painted it a rather fetching shade of 'Perfectly Taupe' which was less perfectly taupe, and more 'slightly purple', but I liked it anyway. It's a nice neutral shade to be a base for all the lovely illustrations and artwork that I have been collecting to brighten it up. Everything was incredibly dusty and slightly stressful by this point, and I spent the majority of my days lying on the floor doing edging or nearly falling off a wobbly stepladder. We ripped all the carpet up, put down some laminate flooring (easy to wheel around on in my chair, and to clean up any paint/glue spillages!). Everything starting to come together and look exciting by this point!

A couple of days of intensive Ikea assembly later and the studio was all finished! There's a long desk unit that runs the length of the room, one end for computer stuff, the other for crafts and 'general putting things together and making things'. On the opposite wall there's an angled drawing table with a fancy integrated lightbox (i.e. a bit of glass in the middle that I sit a lamp under). I use one of my grandmothers old chest of drawers under the desk as a plan chest, and there's various filing cabinets and drawers to house all the collected bits and pieces.

And some of my favourite bits and bobs from around the room :)

Is there anything else you'd like to see? :)

Oh and before I forget! I'm in Digital Artist magazine again this month (issue 26!), very briefly in an article about studios - there's a few little pictures of my studio renovations and a couple of quotes from me regarding working from home!


  1. Can i move in to your studio`? its amazing. Very tidy though i would need to shuffle a few things up. I love seeing other illustrators studios its a great insight to see how other people set out there creative space

  2. You are very tidy! My studio is only a few weeks old and already a mess. I love your big desk.
    I have that "I am going to be an Illustrator" tag thingy too... from when I first started at AIB (AUCB) hehe.

    I was always going to keep it for when I was an illustrator, but I am quite good at losing things.

  3. Thanks guys! Let's just say that these were taken as soon as I'd set up and moved everything in there... the desks at the moment aren't bearing too much of a resemblance to these photos now! I must tidy up - it's hard to work in too much mess!

    I love the tag Hollie! It's nice to keep it as a reminder of when I was interviewing for courses and hadn't really considered that I'd actually be able to become an illustrator. Never got in to AIB though, they didn't want me unfortunately!

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