Wednesday, 26 October 2011

2012 Calendars and Planners

So first comes an annoyingly early Christmas post, and now a New Year post already!? Yes, yes indeed.
One of my favourite things about Christmas/New Year is getting a lovely new planner, journal or calendar for the year. It has the appeal of a blank new sketchbook or notebook and I love to go through all the pages writing in important dates, marvelling at how incredibly old people now are etc (I'm nice like that...). Anyway, I always find it quite difficult to find a decent 'home' planner (not a little portable one) that's the right size, with enough room to write all my dates, deadlines and various 'to-do's in . This year I've been really satisfied with the annual 'Illustration Now' diary... plenty of room, nice big A5-ish illustration between every week, but I still wanted to hunt to see if there was anything better.

And I think that I have found it! In Little Otsu's 6th Annual Weekly Planner illustrated by Lizzy Stewart. It's smaller than the Illustration Now planner, but feels like there's the same amount of room to write my daily lists. There's also a handy to-do list strip and a notes box for each week, along with areas at the front to write in books to read, back-up phone numbers etc. And to top it all off, every single week has a little Lizzy Stewart illustration - perfect!

I've got a feeling that the planners have sold out on Lizzy's Etsy Shop, but you can still grab one over at Little Otsu.

On my quest for illustrated organisation I also came across these lovely items:

2012 Calendar by Anke Weckmann @ Etsy

2012 Agenda by boygirlparty @ Etsy

2012 Mountain Calendar Poster by Pam Lostracco @ Etsy

2012 Illustrated Owl Calendar by Gingiber @ Etsy

You can see these and some other organisational delights over on my 'Making Plans' Etsy Treasury list :) Hope you find something there to tickle your fancy!


  1. I never realised Illustration Now did a planner, I've got a couple of the books but this would come in really handy - that said the planner illustrated by Lizzie Stewart looks fab too!

    Thanks for sharing- I know what I need to put on my xmas list ;0)

  2. Yeah I saw it by chance on Amazon the other year while searching for the books! It's quite reasonably priced, nice thick pages and sturdy :)