Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Interesting Items # 4

Well, it's been a whopping two months since my last post of homeware-type goodness, so it's high time for another load surely? I started off intending to show you illustration related homewares to stay 'relevant' but seem to have branched out gone completely off the rails and veered into not only the whole of Etsy but also the entire internet/world of interior design. Oops. Do you mind? I'm going to assume no, and go right ahead with the post anyway, but feel free to comment and leave me your thoughts!

If you missed any of my other 'Interesting Items' posts, then you can find them here...

Stellata Bedding @ Anthropologie

 Artichoke Mixed Book Page Pendant Lampshade by Zipper8Lighting @ Etsy

Branch earrings, Hyphae lamp, and Radiolaria Bracelet by nervoussystem @ Etsy

 Button Trivet, and Snug Songbirds Wooden Mobile by snugstudio @ Etsy

Fantastic Mr Fox Cushion, and Heart Me Bunny Cushion by kushkush @ etsy

Feather Tea Towels by zannaprintedtextiles @ Etsy

Goldfish Letterpress Clock by TwoPaperdollsShop @ Etsy

Heirloom Recipe Card Box @ Rifle Paper Co

Luns Writing Magnetic Board @ IKEA

Beetroot Tea Towel by LushDesigns @ To Dry For

'Natural' Clock in Grey @ Arti And Mestierei

Botswana Agate Ring by amartisan @ Etsy

Secret Letter Pop Up Card by ALLthatPARIS @ Etsy

Set of 3 Modern Coathooks - Twiggy Series by StudioLiscious @ Etsy

Woody Wood Tree Stump Rug @ Yvette Laduk

Pencil Wall Hook by OldNewAgain @ Etsy

1920s Wooden Desktop File Cabinet by AustinModern @ Etsy


  1. ooooo what lovely finds, these are gorgeous!

  2. I want so many of these things it's ridiculous! I featured the paper lampshade on my blog a while back too, am in the process of making my own one but it's taking forever! :)

  3. Ooh I'd love to make my own one... wouldn't really know where to begin though!