Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Interesting Items # 4

Well, it's been a whopping two months since my last post of homeware-type goodness, so it's high time for another load surely? I started off intending to show you illustration related homewares to stay 'relevant' but seem to have branched out gone completely off the rails and veered into not only the whole of Etsy but also the entire internet/world of interior design. Oops. Do you mind? I'm going to assume no, and go right ahead with the post anyway, but feel free to comment and leave me your thoughts!

If you missed any of my other 'Interesting Items' posts, then you can find them here...

Stellata Bedding @ Anthropologie

 Artichoke Mixed Book Page Pendant Lampshade by Zipper8Lighting @ Etsy

Branch earrings, Hyphae lamp, and Radiolaria Bracelet by nervoussystem @ Etsy

 Button Trivet, and Snug Songbirds Wooden Mobile by snugstudio @ Etsy

Fantastic Mr Fox Cushion, and Heart Me Bunny Cushion by kushkush @ etsy

Feather Tea Towels by zannaprintedtextiles @ Etsy

Goldfish Letterpress Clock by TwoPaperdollsShop @ Etsy

Heirloom Recipe Card Box @ Rifle Paper Co

Luns Writing Magnetic Board @ IKEA

Beetroot Tea Towel by LushDesigns @ To Dry For

'Natural' Clock in Grey @ Arti And Mestierei

Botswana Agate Ring by amartisan @ Etsy

Secret Letter Pop Up Card by ALLthatPARIS @ Etsy

Set of 3 Modern Coathooks - Twiggy Series by StudioLiscious @ Etsy

Woody Wood Tree Stump Rug @ Yvette Laduk

Pencil Wall Hook by OldNewAgain @ Etsy

1920s Wooden Desktop File Cabinet by AustinModern @ Etsy

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Illustration Giveaway

Here I am at last! My latest commission has now been satisfyingly completed and sent off to the client (I will share it with you soon if you'd like to see it) and the renovations on our new place are going well. I don't think I have ever cleaned so much in my entire life, and I seem to have developed muscles I never knew I had from 12 hour bouts of paint-rollering, but hopefully it will be worth it.

Without further ado... I have now passed 500 followers on Twitter which means it's giveaway time. I can't believe that it was only two months ago that I was doing the last one at 300 followers.

I've had a little ponder, and to make this giveaway a bit different from the last one of prints and postcards, I thought I would make a little themed prize package with some of my Origami Crane products.

If you win, you will receive: A pocket mirror, magnets, greetings card, postcard print, and various stickers!

Three runners up will win a whopping 35% off voucher to be used at my Etsy shop. (Yes... I realise that's a bit of a sneaky prize as it requires you to actually buy something, but the voucher will have no expiry date and...well... it's better than only having one winner!)

If you'd like to enter the giveaway, the rules are the same as last time:

To be in with a chance of receiving this little bundle of illustrated goodness all you need to do is:
- Follow my blog, and leave a comment on this entry.
- If you don't have a Blogger account and can't follow the blog, just hop on over to my Facebook page, follow/like me on there and leave a comment on my post about the giveaway!

In addition to the above, you can also gain an extra extra by tweeting:

' Check out @BryonyCrane 's illustration giveaway on her blog! http://bit.ly/ns6A6R #bryonysgiveaway '

Competition finishes in two weeks, on the 31st August (midnight GMT) and the winner will be picked via random number generator! I have all my fingers and toes crossed for you once again :)

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Tesco Books Blog

Just before I left for New Designers this year, I got another rather exciting email enquiring about licensing a piece of my existing work. I've tried to keep it relatively hush hush (ok, not really...) in case it didn't happen, but it's all up now so I suppose I can announce that my bookshelf illustration can now be seen on the new Tesco Books blog and Tesco Books Twitter page! :) What do you think?

In other news, I've now reached a whopping 500 followers on Twitter, and 80 likes on my Facebook illustration fan page (please go and 'like' it if you haven't already!) so keep your eyes on the blog in the next week for another little giveaway to celebrate!

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Adobe Design Achievement Awards

I received a rather exciting email informing me that I am a semifinalist in the Adobe Design Achievement Awards this year! :D To be a semifinalist out of 4605 submissions is fantastic! They sent me a little certificate and everything. Eeeeee.

I wasn't really anticipating getting anywhere so I hurriedly picked a rather unfortunate photo of myself to send off with the submission (and am now regretting it slightly after having seen all the other semi-finalists' lovely professional looking photos!)

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Photobooth Reference Tumblr

A little website I discovered a few months ago and had forgotten to share...
Illustrators in many compromising positions in the name of art, featuring the likes of Julia Pott, Sandra Dieckmann, Lizzie Stewart, and Will Scobie. I urge you to visit, have a chuckle, and perhaps submit your own reference photos...

Apologies for the tumbleweed rolling across my blog... I'm still in the process of moving, so am juggling redecorating our new place with various other things including some submissions and commissions (which I will be sharing with you in the not too distant future, along with some sneaky photos of my new studio as soon as it's up and running!)