Monday, 18 July 2011

New Designers 2011

I have no idea where to begin with this one really... 
What a week! I attended Part 2 of New Designers 2011 in Islington this year, and had a really great time (although have only just recovered - it was a rather intense and tiring experience!) I was slightly dreading going and didn't have very high hopes, but ended up having a fantastic time; I spoke to a few publishers and some other interesting/lovely people, and sold quite a few items from my little stand of cards, prints and mirrors. We stayed up in London to avoid astronomical daily train fares, so also managed to catch Wicked while we were up there - something that I've wanted to do for ages, and it didn't disappoint!

Everyone putting the finishing touches to our stand!

There was so much to see in the Business Design Centre! Every time I circled round the levels I saw something new... and got an unusual amount of exercise. There was a lot of good illustration work there, and some really exciting product and furniture design, so I have inevitably collected a ridiculous amount of business cards and postcards from the talented exhibitors.

Having gone through the mountain of cards, I was slightly disappointed to find that a large percentage of them didn't have any kind of website/blog address on! However, I've done my best to cobble together a little collection of my favourites.

My illustration highlights of the show were:

Funny bandit characters by Laura Jayne Weeks. Should've bought one of her little masked bandit badges, they were lovely!

Really beautiful and eye-catching childrens book illustrations by Gemma O'Neill

Fantastic characterisation, and a special prize for lovely business cards goes to Annaliese Stoney

And last but not least, Emma Bennett, whose work really reminded me of Oliver Jeffers (I'm jealous!) She also wins a special imaginary prize for having a rather great looking website.

Really striking illustrations by John Keaveney

More lovely colourful children's book illustration from Emma Atkinson

Beautiful detailed illustrations from Silje Marie Kristiansen

And now for something a little bit different...

Really interesting 'Origin' pendant lights by Gregg Parsell. Would love a few of these for my house!

'The super-able table' by Ashley Temudo with cut-out holes for glasses and mugs! Picture from The Design Hub

I also really enjoyed the One Year On section, my favourites being Fay Dalton, Yas-Ming Ceramics and Katie Heeks.

 Fay Dalton

Yas-Ming Ceramics

One of Katie Heeks' lovely fabric-covered lasercut brooches that I couldn't resist treating myself to!


  1. wow some real gems! i love love love the owl!

  2. Thanks for the post- great to read an insiders thoughts!
    I had seen a couple of the illustrators work you mentioned at Falmouth's degree show- the two Emma's (agree with resemblance to Oliver Jeffers style-had thought exactly the same)-both lovely work! Glad to hear you sold some of your merch, hope you have some leads as well. x

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