Thursday, 23 June 2011

Exhibition time!

It's the end of a busy couple of weeks! I've finally finished uni, with only New Designers left to go in a couple of weeks time.
Our degree show at college went well, as did the exhibition at The Media Centre in Brighton - a really nice venue. It was a fun experience exhibiting my work properly, and I sold a few items at Brighton (thank you, purchasers!)

All of this means of course that I now have an intimidatingly empty time ahead of me, so any illustration commissions are more welcome than ever, big or small. Hint hint. Hint.

Here are a few photos from both of the shows... After much deliberation, I don't know whether the picture of me from the uni show or from Brighton was worse/more embarrassing, so I've included both for good measure - feel free to chuckle at my awkward elbows-out poses.

I was also really pleased to be featured by Emma Mckeown, a Fashion Media & Promotion student, in the lovely magazine she created for her final major project. Thanks Emma!

If you'd like to see my work in person, then I am exhibiting with my classmates in London at Part 2 of New Designers, 6th-9th July. Tickets can be bought for a reduced price until the end of the month online here (you might need the code ND44).


  1. dear! the expo look georgeous!!! well done! i miss being in a expo ! waa- and your feature!! congratulations!! your work deserves it!!