Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Dani Jones

I've been following the work of illustrator (and creator of webcomic My Sister The Freak) Dani Jones for quite a while now. Around last December I discovered that she often runs live shows on Ustream, where she draws or uses Photoshop live, answering questions and chatting as she goes, and since then I've enjoyed several afternoons working on my own illustrations while listening to and watching her work at the same time! You can check out an archive of her old recorded videos here.

On one of her live shows a few weeks ago she did a little competition/draw on air for one of her alien sketch cards, and I won! In return I thought I would introduce you all to her lovely work... I love all the texture and painterly quality she manages to give to her digital illustrations.

Here's some of my favourites:

And you can check out the rest of her work here or at her blog!


  1. Saw your work in new designers, it's awesome. I wanted to say hello because i've followed you on here for a while but I was too shy and thought you might think I was weird :)Great work!

  2. Thanks very much! Oh not at all, you should have said hi :) not that I probably would have made much sense - such a tiring experience, by the second day I was constantly half-asleep!

  3. It was pretty tiring i have to agree! I just read your blog about collecting business cards and half of the people not having blogs or anything, i found the same problem with the ones i collected too.