Friday, 22 April 2011

Self portrait

Aside from the children's book I've been working on, we were also set a little project over the Easter holiday to do an illustrated self portrait of ourselves to put by our work at various exhibitions we will be doing this summer.

I'd already done a little self portrait for my website's 'About' page a few weeks ago, so to avoid the frankly painful process of having to look at myself again for an extended period of time, I've spent slightly less time just tweaking that one slightly. It looks a bit like me... if you squint and I'm pulling my best 'photo face'.


  1. This is great, it's a tricky thing to tackle isn't it? I have been meaning to get round to doing a self portrait myself, but putting it off because it's treading that fine line between making yourself look okay but not bending the truth so much it doesn't really look like me/looks like some pretty model - and on the other hand not going so much for reality that I look like a fat old monster! (nearer the truth - unfortunately) But yours is lovely and I'm sure it's also very realistic :-)