Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Interesting Items # 2

It's actually been a few months now since I did one of these posts so I thought it was high time for another. I've been trying my hardest not to browse such lovely things lately, but the prospect of moving very soon means I've slipped back into bad habits! 
Enjoy... and don't blame me for any resulting depletion of funds shortly after viewing.

P.S. Final major project for uni is still a massive work in progress... my character is done, and the story finalised and storyboarded. Hopefully some sneak peeks will follow on the blog shortly!

'Grizzly' Apron by Sandra Dieckmann @ Envelop

Engraved Birch Doily Coasters by Uncommon @ Etsy

'Peg It' wooden bird pegs @ Habitat

Pierced Creamware Bowl @ Museum Selection

Walter Bosse Style Stacking Hedgehogs by AustriaBrass @ Etsy


Whale Tissue Box by Gnomesweetgnome @ Etsy

Storm In A Teacup Tea Towel by HelloWilson @ To Dry For

Corgi Royal Wedding Tea Towel by Gemma Correll @ To Dry For

Piano step, found at OaKoAk


  1. Oh my... I think I need those coasters!

  2. Lovely aren't they! They do various different styles. Shame it's not a UK seller though