Friday, 18 February 2011

Poems # 3 - As

Third in the poems series - another anonymous one called 'As'. Not entirely convinced by the shadow in this one, but I really liked the concept. Little vignette is to illustrate 'As live as a bird - as dead as a stone', and the main illustration 'as fierce as a tiger - as mild as a dove'.

'As wet as a fish - as dry as a bone;
As live as a bird - as dead as a stone;
As plump as a partridge - as poor as a rat;
As strong as a horse - as weak as a cat;
As hard as flint - as soft as a mole;
As white as lily - as black as coal;
As plain as a pike-staff - as rough as a bear;
As tight as a drum - as free as the air;
As heavy as lead - as light as a feather;
As hot as a furnace - as cold as a frog;
As gay as a lark - as sick as a dog;
As slow as a tortoise - as swift as the wind;
As true as the gospel - as false as mankind;
As thin as a herring - as fat as a pig;
As proud as a peacock - as blythe as a jig;
As fierce as a tiger - as mild as a dove;
As stiff as a poker-  as limp as a glove;
As blind as a bat - as deaf as a post;
As cool as a cucumber - as warm as toast;
As fat as a flounder -as round as a ball;
As blunt as a hammer - as sharp as an awl;
As red as a ferret - as safe as the stocks;
As bold as a thief - as sly as a fox;
As straight as an arrow - as bent as a bow;
As yellow as saffron - as black as a sloe;
As brittle as glass - as tough as gristle;
As neat as my nail - as clean as a whistle;
As good as a feast - as bad as a witch;
As light as is day - as dark as is pitch;
As brisk as a bee - as dull as an ass;
As full as a tick - as solid as brass.'                                                                            


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