Friday, 21 January 2011

Two Birds

Another uni project handed in! This time it was to design/illustrate a CD cover and inlays etc - I chose to do a single version of Regina Spektor's song Two Birds from the album Far. 
The final illustrations were the inner and outer of the inlay, booklet wraparound (slightly extended version of the top one here), interior booklet with lyrics for Two Birds, and the birds from the last panel of this featuring on the cd label.
Now the moleskine birds from the previous post hopefully make more sense! Loved drawing these plump little birds! They were inspired by a mixture of a bluetit and crested tit, but I thought pink and red worked better for the design than traditional colouring. What do you think?

 Main cover/exterior booklet wrap-around

 Interior of booklet

Inlay (inside underneath CD)
Inlay (back cover)

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