Saturday, 1 January 2011

Happy New Year!

Another year gone by! 2010 was a rather busy one for me - a lot of uni work...over 40 projects done since we started (can that be right/possible!?).
I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon again and do a little collection of how my work has progressed over the year. There's a few odd pieces from the first year at uni that I quite like; I was consciously trying to experiment with working in different ways, styles, mediums then and although it was really fun, nothing really felt like my own as every illustration looked like it was done by a different person. When I started the new uni year in September I made an effort to settle down into working in the style I prefer and feel happiest working with at the moment, and I'm pretty pleased with the pieces I've been producing lately. Hopefully I'll be able to refine my style more through 2011... I know I definitely need to be more 'marketable' and make sure I'm working in a consistent way.

One quite exciting thing that I've accomplished in 2010 is starting to carve an online presence for myself as an Illustrator, getting the blog and various other things going, working on my website over Christmas and re-designing the whole thing... it's remained the same over the last few years, not very illustration-focused and full of college work that needs to be retired and replaced with my new stuff! I will be launching it in the next couple of weeks once I've done some header images so keep your eyes peeled for a blog update regarding that! Another resolution I always have is to read as many books and see as many films as possible (and try to break the previous years amount!). Shamefully only managed to read 14 books this last year so hopefully that won't be hard to beat in 2011, but have a whopping film record of 110 to break!

I've already been scribbling loads of lists for 2011 - resolutions, to-do lists of varying kinds etc... seems like it's going to be a rather big/eventful year filled with finishing uni, trying to start a creative career for myself, finalising wedding plans, moving and hopefully a lot more drawing and personal projects!

So to everyone reading, thank you and happy new year! Hope 2011's a good one for you! :)


  1. I LOVE the glass ceiling illustration. Hope you have a good new year too! xx

  2. Thanks, one of my favourites too! =)