Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Finished Bookshelf Illustration!

Finished at last! Now I can procrastinate from my dissertation writing no longer. 
So... I had planned to do the second half of the bookshelf in gouache like the first, but after looking at it with fresh eyes decided I didn't like the gouache-painted one and embarked on a digitally coloured version. It's been a labour of love (stress on the 'labour' part) and it's good to see it finally finished... I'm planning to update it every time I get a new art book so that the collection is always current and I can keep track of them all! Was considering doing one of all my collected children's books but after looking at some of the miniscule lettering on their tiny spines, I think I'll leave them for the time being...

I also have a Twitter now... so if anyone's interested in following me on that you can do so here!

It's also officially Back To Uni time - I'm waiting until after the illustrations have been handed in to share them on here, so keep an eye out this week for a lot of new work that I've been doing over the holidays!


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