Friday, 21 January 2011

Two Birds

Another uni project handed in! This time it was to design/illustrate a CD cover and inlays etc - I chose to do a single version of Regina Spektor's song Two Birds from the album Far. 
The final illustrations were the inner and outer of the inlay, booklet wraparound (slightly extended version of the top one here), interior booklet with lyrics for Two Birds, and the birds from the last panel of this featuring on the cd label.
Now the moleskine birds from the previous post hopefully make more sense! Loved drawing these plump little birds! They were inspired by a mixture of a bluetit and crested tit, but I thought pink and red worked better for the design than traditional colouring. What do you think?

 Main cover/exterior booklet wrap-around

 Interior of booklet

Inlay (inside underneath CD)
Inlay (back cover)

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Birds in progress!

Just some little sketches from my moleskine... bit of a sneak preview of the uni project I'm working on at the moment. Should be posting it in a couple of days, it's been a fun one to work on although a bit more disrupted than I'd have liked due to dissertation writing.


Friday, 7 January 2011

Bizarre Phenomena

Our Christmas holiday uni project on illustrating various bizarre phenomena throughout history. I really enjoyed doing the period dress on the last one; will have to do some personal work involving more of that! Can you guess what the bizarre phenomena are!?

Thursday, 6 January 2011

How To Complete A Uni Project

A pre-Christmas uni project that I've been waiting to post for a while - hand-in was delayed due to all the snow! The brief for this one was to create illustrated instructions for something, so I chose to do quite a light-hearted and humourous piece... How to Complete a Uni Project (maybe not very efficiently)! The format is actually a 5" square book, but I've collected all the spreads together here, with a close-up of a couple of my favourites for good measure.

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Finished Bookshelf Illustration!

Finished at last! Now I can procrastinate from my dissertation writing no longer. 
So... I had planned to do the second half of the bookshelf in gouache like the first, but after looking at it with fresh eyes decided I didn't like the gouache-painted one and embarked on a digitally coloured version. It's been a labour of love (stress on the 'labour' part) and it's good to see it finally finished... I'm planning to update it every time I get a new art book so that the collection is always current and I can keep track of them all! Was considering doing one of all my collected children's books but after looking at some of the miniscule lettering on their tiny spines, I think I'll leave them for the time being...

I also have a Twitter now... so if anyone's interested in following me on that you can do so here!

It's also officially Back To Uni time - I'm waiting until after the illustrations have been handed in to share them on here, so keep an eye out this week for a lot of new work that I've been doing over the holidays!

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Happy New Year!

Another year gone by! 2010 was a rather busy one for me - a lot of uni work...over 40 projects done since we started (can that be right/possible!?).
I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon again and do a little collection of how my work has progressed over the year. There's a few odd pieces from the first year at uni that I quite like; I was consciously trying to experiment with working in different ways, styles, mediums then and although it was really fun, nothing really felt like my own as every illustration looked like it was done by a different person. When I started the new uni year in September I made an effort to settle down into working in the style I prefer and feel happiest working with at the moment, and I'm pretty pleased with the pieces I've been producing lately. Hopefully I'll be able to refine my style more through 2011... I know I definitely need to be more 'marketable' and make sure I'm working in a consistent way.

One quite exciting thing that I've accomplished in 2010 is starting to carve an online presence for myself as an Illustrator, getting the blog and various other things going, working on my website over Christmas and re-designing the whole thing... it's remained the same over the last few years, not very illustration-focused and full of college work that needs to be retired and replaced with my new stuff! I will be launching it in the next couple of weeks once I've done some header images so keep your eyes peeled for a blog update regarding that! Another resolution I always have is to read as many books and see as many films as possible (and try to break the previous years amount!). Shamefully only managed to read 14 books this last year so hopefully that won't be hard to beat in 2011, but have a whopping film record of 110 to break!

I've already been scribbling loads of lists for 2011 - resolutions, to-do lists of varying kinds etc... seems like it's going to be a rather big/eventful year filled with finishing uni, trying to start a creative career for myself, finalising wedding plans, moving and hopefully a lot more drawing and personal projects!

So to everyone reading, thank you and happy new year! Hope 2011's a good one for you! :)