Saturday, 18 December 2010

Interesting Items # 1

As I’m in a festive mood I thought I would compile a little Christmas wishlist of various illustration-related (and not) items that I've been pining after or bought recently! Maybe this will be a regular feature… I certainly have a backlog of beautiful bookmarked things ready to share! Hopefully it’ll work like sharing the burden of a trouble or a secret, and once I’ve posted them here I won’t feel the need to buy them all myself anymore ;)

Steampunk dragon ring by chinookhugs @ etsy

Hand screenprinted birch forest cushions/fabric by Lara Cameron on HabitatTextiles @ etsy

Bathing Girls tea set @ Dutch By Design

Dish Bunny by Chris Koen @ Dutch By Design

Coat rack hooks @ Urban Outfitters

Hot Air Balloons wall stickers @ Belle and Boo

Creature Kingdom hooks @ Anthropologie

Patterned Evoke Mio Radio (and kitchen items) @ Orla Kiely

Mug for Habitat by Hennie Haworth

Wire Tree by Louise Hederstrom

Circles coffee table by Michael Arras @ etsy

Private Cloud rocking bed by Michael and Manuel Kroker

 Inked Octi Apron @ Anthropologie

 'From The Deep' tableware range @ Anthropologie

 'Woods' wallpaper by Cole & Son

Pencil Sharpener Desk Tidy @ Utility Design

 Wire Blooms cable clips @ Lazyboneuk

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